Ready, Set, FOCUS! (WTR included!)

That’s right, WRITING TO RECOVER (WTR) should be expected in every post coming forward!  Yes, that does excite me.  Can you say FULL CIRCLE?  As in PLANS coming full circle..  I CAN!!!!

Just to get it out of the way, part of the reason I’m chomping at the bit this morning is seeing the Dow Futures as they pertain to my portfolio.  If you paid attention when I initially shared my plan to succeed, I recommended investing funds saved as a form of financial security.
is a manufacturer of construction equipment, bulldozers, backhoes and such, gas engines, diesel engines and mining equipment.

Dividends, passive income- recurring income and commissions are key in my long-term plan. “Passive income is generally recurring income; once the investment is made, and assuming it is a good investment, the income will continue to come in month-after-month or year-after-year, with little additional work by you. This means that you can essentially “retire” and still continue to grow your net worth” (


MOVING ON, (that ^ is going to add to whatever brings in BTW)(Check out to see how that works) I’m going to be practicing driving the HORSEDRAWN CART/ CHARIOT I’ve been using today!  You should have noted that I worked LEGS Saturday.  I slipped some CHEST in there to bolster my feelings of invincibility too.  THAT WAS DOPE!

NOTE: I just sipped four sips of Spark!  It’s crazy to me how any RECURRING income I bring in bi-weekly is added to by each addition I make to my diet!  Don’t get me wrong, I put my hours in daily.  More than many in my opinion.  Look through the archives, my weekly schedule is crammed with life-enriching, strengthening and durability-growing activities every single day.

Deciding to target ARMS, BACK and SHOULDERS, or CHEST more in depth tomorrow is the only real decision I see before me.

Changing up your routines is not a bad thing!
You can design your personal life with our tools at the PROJECT: Recovery page.
We are pulling for you.
Look to the BEAST MODE TIPS page for guidance to fully take advantage of what we eat to grow!

(Thanks again for the videos Javier, owner & head fitness instructor at the leading personal training studio in Westminster, CO.)

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