Still On Top..

.. and STILL getting higher!! WHATT?! I know right..

This past weekend I “linked up” with another professional in the game. I could not be more excited about this.  Sunday morning, before I even got out of bed he wrote me back sharing some insights on better ways to incorporate videos into my online presence.

Check out his website at Diving in headfirst is a trait you know I can’t help but sticking to so I know I need to keep my guard up. That’s just me looking out for myself, but being on the same wave-length with another individual for once feels good.
Just the fact that in my preliminary letter to him, that I copied my team of Champs at Mediastead on, he replied with a metaphor that cited actual routine variety has my heart beating fast… PSYCH!

“Calm down Kyle.” As you see in the email he wrote me, training to perfect my video recording skills is now in my crosshairs.

Video 1/1 Day 1 – 01/31/2016

Video 2/2 Day 2 – 02/01/2016

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