Stop Waiting

Honestly, the time’s never going to be exactly right.  Face it, conditions won’t pay your good attitude, positive outlook or humble self the respect it deserves.  It’s not gonna’ be fair.  Take that disrespect and use it though.  Use it to wipe up the blood when you get done beating the lights out of the next set.

Tuesday sounds like a good day to create tiny tears in the needed muscles.  Chest, Legs, Arms, what’s it gonna’ be?  Personally, I know I’ve had it waiting on the sideline.  I’m going to call you out for any lack of ambition I sense. 
You’re right.  It’s not fair, how can THIS KID, Kyle have so much stored up fight in him?  I thought he was dead.  Hahaha..  Buckle up children.  A whole bottle of whoop a** is just being opened and he doesn’t give a hoot for what the rest of your week looks like.
                CHEST:  TONIGHT
                LEGS:  WEDNESDAY
                ARMS:  THURSDAY
                POOL:  FRIDAY

The fact that you think I’m just sitting here minding my own tickles me pink.  Rest is essential, I’ve done that this week.  See you there you chickens!


  • Hey Kyle,
    Love reading your motivational postings.
    I’m going for a wonderful bike ride today – hope that counts as MY Keep Pushing!
    GG ( Grandma Gail:)

  • Wednesday. May 25 – Check In

    As indicated last night was CHEST NIGHT. If I’m remembering correctly, my routine went something ike BENCH, PEC DEC, SIT UPS/ CRUNCHES, PEC FLIES, INCLINE PRESS. I know, I did mention Saturday was going to be STOMACH but that always gets light work at least.

    I’ll tell you right now my BENCH WEIGHT is not very comparable to “average” 27, 28 year olds but I tend to remember at least I’m not dead and at least I’m not stuck in a bed somewhere.

    Tonight’s LEG NIGHT will actually be part of our weekly climbing night. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT. I’d love to see a few of you tonight at Reading Rocks. We start at 6:15. Let me know if I should bring a bottle of Spark for you! See ya there.

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