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In today’s post, I want to show you how easy embracing the TeamIBK way of life can be.  At the end of this post I will share two links that will direct you to two more informational pages full of videos that illustrate “THE PROPER WAY OF DOING THINGS…”

But… before that I want to share the attached flyer with you.  Harrowgate Boxing Gym, if you remember welcomed me into their family a long time ago.  There is actually a graphic or two and a video explaining their mission and history on the GYMS page on  CHECK THAT OUT!


My family will be getting their tickets as soon as possible.
  The pic of Charlie Sgrillo on my page is a bit dated I’ll admit, but look at that stud back in his infancy!  HERE

Feel free to COMMENT BELOW if you’d like to roll with my crew and get to know Charlie, Timmy Sinese and/or John Gallagher personally.  I think we could help make that happen.

Remember our Guide To Create A Personal Page Will Help You Draw More Than Enough Eyes To Any Goal Worth Achieving!

Our Latest CHAMP-IN-THE-MAKING’s Personal Page Can Be Seen Here!

Basic Training    Making A List

Harrowgate Boxing Gym Crew




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