Ok, Little Lady,

I’m pretty sure we last crossed paths at our local Ivy Rehab.  I was STRUTTING around in my “BRAND NEW” walker I got off Amazon.

We chuckled as I recounted that I went around insurance to avoid the headache, stress and frustration getting my new walker.  I smiled sharing that I saved money too.  That day I compiled my thoughts and actions a bit brainstorming.  See that here.


Since then, I made some momentous moves turning that reality into a service to help others!  Ya boiiii!

With the unveiling of Direct Deposit Medical Equipment I hope to help others steer clear of dealing with nonsense, undue miscommunication and promised headache.  More products and alike will be added in due time.  Don’t wait on that though.  Stock up on your LG products, LifeWave patches, exfoliating brushes and upright walkers at Direct Deposit Medical Equipment.  Shop!

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