It’s INDUCTION DAY!!! Hooray!

By the looks of it, leaving my room will have me gasping for air and in awe! I broke-in my new fluid intake schedule this morning. (I no longer have a home-gym, I live IN A GYM!)
Check back later, I will upload pics soon!

One coffee, one cranberry juice, one proteinnnn! More on that later! Dude’s on fire! Call THIS baseline, mutha truckers! I say my prayers daily, nonstop. I give thanks and hope for the best! I equate success working out with my half-intentional faults INCLUDED! I stay away from over-delivering affection and verses to unnamed “mama’s” like it’s my occupation. I “gots” to. I get the vibe that I have to hide my beating heart from the moment I wake up til I get comfy again for round two. Those distractions got their noses where they don’t belong. … believe me, if I felt supported in that arena, I’d have my presidential shoes on and tied. I’d be kissing babies, working at soup kitchens, planting flowers in a garden and feeling rich.

Yeah, she’s fine.. My queen, all dressed up in an md jacket carrying handcuffs in her back pocket. I’d love to be strapped down, I’d love to be mentioned in the subject line of secret communications. Tell her to write me poetry then get dressed and come spot my lifts, bruh! I’m flying high. I’m kind of shy ma. One day.. She’ll be mine, we’ll have our parents living together nextdoor so wee can support them and daily transactions will be in the hundreds, every day. I’m starting to spread my wings ma, tell her I ain’t quitting ever so hurry up, latch on. We need to wed in Vegas cause we’ll have the sugar pops blaring their sirens before we even wake up. If I’m ever cuffed, being inducted before my sentence ends an exclamation point might suit us best. That “creativity” was fun!

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