Chef Boy-R-Deez Good

Feet planted, feeling great this morning. Eyes on God. Armor put on! In 1 swift move I was washed up, brushed and suited up. I’m feeling great. Fluids flowing being ingested. Lidocaine patches not even put on. This morning’s breakfast was one not to be messed with. I toasted the waffles, sliced the banana and smeared the thin layer of peanut butter on myself. It was Grrrr-eat! Syrup not even wanted let alone needed!

I stood up to get my pants over my hips. Feet down, head up, nose over toes. I took 2 Tylenol as prescribed, a vitamin D3 and a baby aspirin to keep things flowing. Having access to discounts on 1 of the 3 still has me smiling. I’m “now” livin’ good. I’m slightly still misunderstood when I don’t want to exert enough energy to be. They still think I can’t or won’t, I think. I haven’t heard from the cud chewed. I cut loose this noose. Get busy recovering/ getting stronger and redialing that number. Join the team, come up!

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