It feels great to be back in the saddle! Officially sponsoring you paints a huge smile on my face. I already messaged you this AM about meeting up tomorrow and getting our first official gym session together, and some pics in. I look forward to that working out for both of us.
So far we have only briefly discussed the imminent financial gains we’re on track to start realizing. Before I forget though, we need to make sure your chops are ready to intercept that mass haul. Plus, I’ll outline the next preferred steps moving forward.
I texted you a bit about it last evening, but first and foremost I recommend we get your PA ABLE account up and running. That will insulate you with some protection making more. I’m sure you’re already getting some benefits and assistance in one form or another. Don’t worry, pick your head up. I, too am taking advantage of everything they offer. Before my ABLE account was up and running, it was super stressful not being able to save excess funds month to month, without going over those limits. Do good budgeting expenses and get things taken away from you, like what!? Go ahead, bookmark (STEP 1)

I went to grade school with my financial guy. I’ll gladly put you in touch with him when it comes to that if you’d like. He’s at NY Life I think.

STEP 2 is to get an CHARLES SCHWAB account running. You might want to do that and future steps in your girls’ name until your ABLE account is active to be safe. We will discuss portfolio diversification in future posts. I like to invest in stocks that pay dividends. Caterpillar (CAT) is my favorite cash crop! It pays anywhere between 1.5-3% dividends every quarter. Prices are high right now so I’d recommend holding onto any capital your have until prices tank again. Capital is money you have saved up to invest or use leisurely. CAT is currently paying 1.85% dividends. I’ll share a list of recommended stocks at a later point. (

STEP 3 is to open a crypto account. I use Coinbase, but there are others. Coinbase used to offer rewards for referring their app to friends and family, but has since done away with that. (

Looking through my archives, sharing this info used to constitute for 80-90% of my content and output. The other 10-20% was basically loving poetry published to try to win hearts.

STOP, DROP, ROLLLLL! Let’s get there champ! This is all foundational. As we get the funds rolling in, we will be more than able to make a bigger impact in others’ lives. I’m still in silo mode, making the most of my energy. Anyone you know that is in the position to make moves like us pass this along and encourage them to sign up on that mailing list! (

I am ecstatic to see aide us in our journey to the winners’ circle buddy! Encourage your friends and family to reach out with questions if they have any!


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