P.A.L.O.F with Kyle Keech

“Put Another Log On the Fire” don’t worry about it! Scarcity is no joke! The only way you can give anybody anything worth any real value in life, whether it be good will, financial abundance, a compliment, love or discipline is to have enough to spare personally. At church even, if you only have $10 to your name until next Friday, chances are you’re going to hold on to that $10 and be miserable for the next 12 days mindlessly trying to figure out how to divide that $10 to last you 12 days.
Don’t worry, I am all about bringing the whole neighborhood with me to the top. We are all elevating ourselves and shooting for the stars! Some of us are going to be better off because some of us are willing to work harder to get it. We’re all starting at zero net value. What’s yours is currently yours because you earned it. You have that doctoral degree because you spent years on top of years, on top of years studying for and acing tests. The professor did not wake up and give that diploma to you because she felt like it.
Yes, she worked to teach you everything you know in that discipline too, but I bet she feels honored to be part of your success just as you feel tough for sticking it out.
I hope today’s aspirational “journaling” leads to great things. To me, you ought to hope for the best too. You deserve the best the world has to offer, right!? You’ve put in months of research and poling into deciding what’s going to serve you and your family the best, right?
I feel good assuming you want better for you and yours. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t. You don’t even have to know every single thing works but if you keep pursuing better and better outcome (and keep pushing) it’s going to be hard to leave your name off the scoreboards, VP desk and accolades.
Success for you meaning success for the whole should be the goal… the greater good. Winners hand-picked are chumps and they’ll get theirs. Focus less on those distractions. Focus on what’s in front of you. Stay in your lane. Overcompensate even. We live in America in the 21st century. Anything and everything attainable you could want is available to you, and most likely right on the other side of hard work and discomfort. Anything desirable and worth it, is going to take hard work on somebody’s part. More often than not it’s a communal effort. Embrace it, lean on your brother when you need a break. I hope they can depend on you when they need to breathe too.

I plan on working for the results I get. I hope you second that notion.

Keep Pushing!

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