One Step Ahead


Don’t worry, the potential heat that tried to come at me after one of my latest posts got misconceived and misunderstood got BRUSHED OFF QUICKER THAN THE WORDS LEFT ‘ER LIPS.

Look at that featured image! That makes me feel good. “You can take the man out of State, but you can’t take the State out of the man!” Getting out on a Tuesday night, crashing a concert, making new friends and catching up with old ones, made me feel like I was back in my college days. HEHEHE
Old Man Status!
I’m laughing so hard my eyes are watering right now writing this. It felt so good! I swear, mandatory days of recreation may be reinstated. If you knew me at school, I pretty much forced myself to go out and try to have a good time. It got carried away a few times, but let’s move on.

A few things I did want to clarify and touch up on is RIGHT NOW is the following:

A BRAIN INJURY.. I had one of them. HAD one of them! Past tense.
Yea, I’m a SURVIVOR, a CHAMP, a MAN (who’s a bit too ambitious, a bit too indecisive, who doesn’t cower, who knows he’s stronger than most if not all professional athletes, decorated heroes and tested ‘adults” alike)…
BUT don’t refer to me as anything but an athlete ok?

Pschh.. I MEAN IT!
1. Everything listed above.
2. It never stops, training is a way of life.
3. Failure to exceed expectations ONLY draws more strength, wit and determination.
4. I’ve reached SPONSORSHIP GETTING status.
5. I have the whole world ahead of me now.

Just this morning, links were tested at and they check out.
(NOTE: There is a checkbox along the way to make donations and giving recurring so you don’t need to do it manually every month. You’re welcome!)

Raise your hands over your head RIGHT NOW! You’re gonna’ take the hint soon and take your life into your own hands. There is a blueprint and guide to follow and scribble on if you want to print it out on fyi.

YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES ANYMORE! Don’t be surprised if correspondence and entries seem hostile from here on out. I’ve done MORE than half of YOUR job for you already. I know I wish I would have come across an INTERACTIVE guide, BLUEPRINT and checklist on how to come back from injury, exceed expectations and grow my potential EXPONENTIALLY after MY accident!

P.S. Check out Facebook today to see how I’m feeding my body!


  • Well listen to you Mr Kyle Keech, you are on fire with determination. Way to go, but we may have to get a bucket of water to cool you down soon. Nah, I like it when you’re telling it like it is, you go Kyle.
    Another great post. Always good to read your writings, thanks for posting them!

  • Steve Keech

    good inspirational thoughts for today, helps to motivate all who face inordinate obsticles whether in life or business to overcome and be determined.

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