“Ya, call me out” This week’s motivational entry is coming ‘atcha a day early. (Sue me) I am NOT planning on being around come tomorrow.   Scheduled down time is a must, we’ve already discussed. If you saw on Facebook yesterday, quite strategically my fluid intake allowed me to drink the second half of my Spark “before the 2nd hour of physical therapy.” THAT PAID OFF!
If I didn’t make it abundantly clear already, this week I successfully sent a FREE box of Spark to the LOVELY ALISA JACOBSON, check out her artwork and product page on the Recognition Page. AND… I sent a FREE box of Spark to my man Christopher Burkholder, check him out playing music and my graceful job recording him with my phone right below Alisa’s artwork.

Take a look at the HEALTHY BREAKFAST I’m eating right now on the Facebook page. Talk about energy overload. HAHAHAHA! Oh, a couple other things..
Yesterday, big discussions were had about how I’m going to have to come up with a new home-workout regimen because my therapist said there’s nothing more they can do for me.
(My standing tolerance has more than doubled since I started there, just shy of three minutes now equaling a bit more than 8 minutes. Every other documented goal being checked off the list..)

Just brainstorming, hopefully now the practical transition into more practical exercises and activities can and WILL include MORE rock climbing, MORE activities of daily living, MORE significant milestones passed and MORE activities worth documenting.
– I swear making my comeback my focus in more than one way has to be the best decision I’ve ever made! –
^ALSO, don’t be surprised if Monday’s post is a day or two behind.^

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