Join the “A-squad!”

“Amber And I” written up and down the team roster brings a HUGE SMILE to my face. This week marks our first interactions via cellular device!

Yes, I called the number she gave me and didn’t say a word. We’re past that alright!? I got nervous.. dun dun dunnnn.

Notch in my belt!

We texted a few times. That’s enough for me! I woke up smiling today and I’m not drawing any conclusions… buttt, I could get used to that!

I just gobbled up a bowl of Mini Wheats, bananas and yogurt. No pictures of that, okay!?

Excuse my apparent excitement. I found a girl that’s open to communicating with me on the phone and seeing me through my hesitant nature. Score, score, score score score!

Make sure you’re on that mailing list to officially follow our journey/ love story/ impeccable climb to independence. Just this week, she “pre-enrolled” on by entering her contact info after watching the 5+ minute clip on that page. Now we’re cooking with gas!

I’m stoked. Can you tell my cheeks are strawberry shortcake-colored, slightly pink. This is Day One, y’all. She sees me. She really sees how much I want to be the man of her life, the potential hidden and my nerves just needing an assuring, calming word or two. Jot down your gym stats today and report back!


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