“Star Leaf,”

“Wow!”  You are so unique!  I’ve traveled the length of five Great Sequoias to get a glimpse of your bountiful beauty.  I’m certainly putting my best foot forward addressing you.  I have seen you in my dreams.  I feel safer in your loving embrace.
I am grateful I feel secured reaching for you.  Thank you for reminding me that you feel lucky to have me pursuing you.  I feel the throbbing of my heart in my chest more clearly than thousand-year storms breaking the silence with revolting thunderous booms.
Promise me, when we reach that one isolated bush to sit beside you won’t shy away from wrapping your legs around me.  I want to lean into you.  I want to feel like I can push against you relentlessly.  I want to feel so grounded close to you, branches incorporate me into their mayhem and tendency to adapt.

I do not want to fear anything.  I want to feel assured talking after spats is a first resort, not a last.  Let’s take our time breaking new horizons.  I hope this journey excites you a fraction of how much it thrills me.  Each conversation we have is a mile marker in my book.  I can’t wait til the next one!

“Let’s get it!”

Subliminal Sensations
Might hurt your feelings
Don’t get caught smiling wide
They’ll question the purest of intentions. 
Sticking to the plan to KP might get you frowned upon
I can only imagine what they’d do to you.

Shucks, “mutha’s” getting away with murder. 
I blow innocent kisses to the fans
and get booked, looked at wrong, and mistaken for.. by the crooks.
I’ve gotten used to weathering the storm. 
Yea, I may not be your perfect version of “normal” but that’s perfect for my girl and I and that’s all I gotta worry about moving forward. 
I’m busy erecting skyscrapers we can dance on top of.  Send in the choppers.  We should be finishing up our lobsters and grits missing each other soon.  It’s a wonder how the zoo kept us apart this long.  Peacocks and lions creating children of newness.  Achoo-ness, let go of the scrudgeness.
Accept life and make the most of it!  Let go of your hesitations, kid.  Be braver.  Show her you’re putting everything into loving her.  Explain your legs are tired, not dead.  Fear nothing because God’s got you!


  • Omg

  • Steve Keech

    Very good I like it

  • Catherine

    I absolutely loved this Kyle..your the best! 💗💗💗Keep at it..with fire and passion..when it comes to your creativity it sees no bounds or limitations..

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