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If you are ready now…I will gladly swoop down and scoop you up. Come along for the ride at least! Granted you are most likely feeling your nerves getting the best of you. That is okay. Breathe. I’m a bundle of frayed nerves myself. I have nothing to worry about because my faith in God is that strong.

I am seeing green arrows in my portfolio this morning. Red arrows and percentage signs are common, but if you are not holding, you are folding. Look forward to dips. Get on top your fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Greater dips immediately after steep dips are disheartening of course, but comebacks are kind of our specialty around here. L2, in the world of coin refers to Level 2 of ETH, or another specified coin.
I am not going to muddy the waters anymore in my head thinking about the technology aspects of piggybacking levels of hardware and technical jargon. Owning coin allows you to lease your holdings to other developers and hodlers. That is called staking. All I know about that is you can earn commissions doing that and at this point, you will need to give up control of your coin for 12+ months in most cases to even get to the initial phases of that.

BAT is in the greeeeeen today!

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  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    First part makes sense but I am lost on the “coin” part

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