Day I. 10-21

Each day, each morning, each hour that you are awake is an opportunity to shine and pocket amazed faces. That’s where I’m at. I Thank God continuously!
Today is my first two-a-day THIS WEEK! At one I should be arriving at the barn to steer, drive and handle my success driving the chosen horse.
I think I mentioned it already but if not, the lead instructor at the barn wants me driving the big horse with her come competition season. That’s progress

After that’s over, I have training the beast I like to call kid at 4ish. We’ll hit LEGS.

^ That routine should be sufficient! We have been adding Bicep and Tricep work into most of our sessions lately too.
It’s 8a right now and I just finished my first couple sets of curls for the morning. My 15’s are getting to be too easy.

20 lb. dumbells are going to look nice on my weight rack!

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