Sweet Pea,

I’m still shucking this corn, thinking about you constantly. I hope your contact information magically appears in my phone book, while I continue to fumble for the right words placed in the right order. “LOVE” These days especially, confuses me. My Shakespearean nature baffles the looters and angers the entire village it feels like. I STILL hesitate, stopping myself from smiling when I catch myself smiling thinking about you around other people.

I’d like being formally educated of these things in my dreams. I see you there, sitting calmly beside me seeing me through my jitters. I was actually hoping I could get the go ahead from you to suggest picturing us, or you teaching me how to kiss. It feels like it’s been decades hiding my face. Putting this out there counts as a win for me in my book. I swear, holding hands alone will have my heart sounding like an Indian war drum, beating 400 times a second. I feel concentrating on building my confidence levels again may be a good idea.

– Kyle



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  • Steve Keech

    Another good inspiring post. Keep up the creative good work!

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