Line Up, You Ants

Suicides! 5 yards out, touch, back. 10 yards, touch, back. 15 yards, you know the drill! Don’t make me grab my megaphone!!! Come on, you fairies!

Remember! Cuts take place tonight! I really, really hope you are indeed strutting your stuff, showing more ambition than your brothers and making it obvious to the scouts and I, that you deserve to be on A string.

If I need to be even more clear… I do not want to need to call your mama’s house to hear you’re putting the work in!
Do a set of sit ups, write it down! Jumping jacks? Log it! If you really want to stick around, I better see notebooks full of notes and independent studies put in to raise the bar on everybody here.
We are a team, aren’t we!? WE do not have time for SLACKERS! WE don’t mess with keeping social appearances in check, secrets or statuses reading anything other than focused, mk?
Do not be crying I’m being “TOO” tough on ya either! There is a bench and I won’t shy from benching you for weeks at a time. We are here to make moves! Not b!tch and complain, not cry about standards. We will be pushing each other too hard from time to time. I am not forcing you to show up and participate. You signed up for this! I hope we all build a working relationship that produces results!

I mean, don’t you want to give these cheerleaders something to get excited over, cheer for and get hype about!?

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