LBP, wear these earrings

“Little Bo Peep,”
I have not shipped them yet, so don’t worry. That move IS in the BACK of my head. I’m concentrating on what’s visible IRL, right now. STEP UP YOUR GAME! I have sent you chocolates, roses, best wishes and rock solid security in one form or another. Weeks feel like years, in my life. Years, decades. Math points to me fancying you since I was in diapers! Go ahead, act broke to receive more funds. I do it. Next, place these loose fitting rubber bands on your ears. Fit the lengths hanging loose around my love handles. Stay tight, smile, suggest me wifing you up.

Be creative figuring out ways to display love. Do not get confused. I will sink your ship firing my mortar. I will un-net you, let you roam to find the batter up to get you and my future step child living comfortably. Find me when that flames goes out and explain my heartfelt literature packed away on your bookshelf gets read every single day.

Crotch-rockets, popping wheelies. Skin burning in the sun. Wearing championship rings cause’ I won! I’m wearing decades old fabrics hoping you rearrange my closet. Have guts, tell me you want to be rich. Tell me how to find you or at least leave a message on your personal voicemail.

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