It’s a new day!

  It is Friday.  I busted through my fifth gym session this week, this morning.  I wrapped up my week of healing on my training project just a minute ago.  I am satisfied with it.
(“I’ll tell you about it later!”)

MY LANE is detour and obstacle free!  Remind me to let people I can’t get ahold of, and distractions go next time!  I gotta stay focused.

On to the next one…

I’m feeling great!  My body’s definitely still coming around 20 years into this journey.  I don’t know anyone who can say that, that legitimately!  Favre, maybe..  Swoosh!  I’m craving some Bush’s bbq beans now!  Give me that protein! 
Don’t be mean, Kyle!  If you LIKE ‘er, say it!  Mindreading ain’t nobody’s favorite game apparently! 

Hood up!  I stood up this morning and it felt good!
Tell ‘er I misunderstood the crude calls and unmentionables not being explained. Now that my gains are coming first, I’ll do my best to avoid dwelling on my success rate being unmatched.

I wouldn’t trade my lane for anything in the world.  It’s full of unbridled affection, good energy, gains and the way being paved.  Don’t cave, Kyle!  Be brave, Kyle!  Engrave your last initial in a wedding band and see who’s open to filling the equation!

I’ll fit into the scene if it’s the last thing I do.  These girls would be lucky if I knew how they concluded we could get away with it.  Tell them to quit keeping secrets from the man of their dreams if they want to see me materialize them, fast!  Ok!?  Run.


This is Day one of being more healed and freer than I was before.  My door’s open!  Tell these girls to come my way!  Just give me a sign!



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