Cautious Flower,

I am so glad you mentioned your growing affection and love for me, yesterday.  I feel a bit safer expressing the mountains of flattery, adoration and misplaced energy inside of me, now. 
I know, if you don’t listen to the words I only infer to, you won’t take to the results of the hootin’ and hollerin’ very well.  Lack of advocacy leaves me guessing.  Don’t mind me struggling putting my nightmares to bed, each morning before I find it in me to text you first.  I am so glad I know how to reach you privately.  Continuously tripping over stuff that’s behind me, makes me wonder.  Will it get better?  Will you help me spread my wings and take flight?  Will you guard my innocence?  Will you stand up for me and butt into the conversation when I’m left searching for truths I’m less afraid to admit to?
Answer for me, please.  Say yes!  We are happy together, in love and watching out for each other.  I’m looking forward to Sunday mornings, going to church together and leading the hand-holding team of tyrants we call family.
I am sooo glad you stated facts first so I didn’t need to guess whether I was welcomed into that phase of life.  That stage of life is being categorized as the conclusion of being in hot pursuit.
My muscles are tight but I’m a bit more relaxed this morning.  I sent you a good-morning message on the gram.  I didn’t choke, stutter or vomit my guts out listing tasks to see through, and get finished today.  
Thanks for seeing me through my shivers, Honey.  I could use a guardian angel giving me gentle hints.  I mustn’t sob.  I want to lob you a pass.  Call me only a quarter of a lifetime too late.  Remind me to KP, please. 
It’s drizzling outside but I want to water that garden with tender love and care.  I want to bear witness to assurance being abundant, free and on time.  Let’s communicate openly.  Let’s leave spectators speechless and say “I told you so..” when they act offended that we pulled through.  Let’em doubt.  Let them be as cynical as they want to be.  It’s us we need to worry about and you know I’m dying to flex my calves while pushing you around in a wheelbarrow.

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Post-session stats:

75 minutes
5 sets of 20 reps on:

Lat Pulldowns
Back Extensions
Lateral Squats
Leg Extensions
Hamstring Curls

Jello Legs post session had me struggling to step to get in car and at home to get to couch.  #whooped

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