Good Morning, Savages!

That’s it, wipe off the guilt of not placing the right words in the right order signing off last week. Anybody who honestly cares 4 U will be mindful enough to crack the devious code you find yourself looking through like shades clinging to a condensation-full window pane. The rain appears to be collecting in the clouds. You’re on a new one. You’re feeling strong. Emails you send are starting to wreak of unnatural amounts of confidence.
The girls you’re interested in are grown now. You hardly feel suited up but ball’s out got you feeling unstoppable today! That’s right! New day, new set of 24 hours to knock, new chance to learn how to express yourself clearer. Anyone resistant to your allure at this point’s got honesty to embrace. If they chased you like you killed yourself for them maybe they’d pick up of the mounting dissent showing some leg. Maybe they don’t realize babies fathered by you will be better off than they could have ever dreamt of. That fact probably scares them cause they know it was them that hit NEXT first. It’s aight, the temples they could have rubbed to help you relax are on your head. Tutankhamen, eating Ramen. His clique be waving palm branches looking for new chance. Dust off your vocabulary peaches, tell Mr. Keech’s woes you got their slack. Track miles run without me by your side and then realize those 6.5 are saved for my next race. I’m signing off now so I can go stomp on the gym!

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