Hang Ten, Dude!

Yaa, buddy!  I’m back to craving and utilizing, and getting as much out of these waves of progress, and energy cycles that  I can!  Right now I’m eating some CHUNKY peanut butter on top of cut up bananas AND a small bowl of cream chipped beef on toast!

I thought ahead and decided not to worry about and stress out about procedural progress including setbacks.That’s a good thing!  My NEW LEGS are going to be awesome!  I’m lookin’ for my footstool!  I wanna kick my legs up and get busy enjoying the healing.

I got backup now too, so watch it!  We’re making moves!

First 2 LAPS, completed by 08:45 on 03/30/2022.

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  • What is that you made. Is that cereal it doesn’t look like my mom’s cooking

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