Financial Frisk

Good morning friends.  Futures dependent on our excitement levels alone will forever be rising, flying.  Consider this a test.  Biting off more than we can chew is exactly how we do things around here.  I think I will put this to music in a bit.  Forgive mountains looking like anthills.  Months feeling like years gets you feeling older than Abraham. 

Please forget all past insecurities.  We are in it, feeling strong, rounding the curves in our cycles and smiling wider than canyons named grand.  Regaining hierarchical placement got us breathing easy.  You on top means you’re winning.  I’ll gladly be the runner-up if it means you’ll take the hint, note and letters written to sit in bed late at night and read ‘em over.  Shed one tear and record it rolling down the cheek I wish I could crack.  Just let me breathe in succession, precious.  If IM ABLE, I will swoon you to the moon.  You inhale then me next.  Hands on your… Crest is next to the shower caps.

I will do my best, assured I’m safe, not asking questions like what if we’re caught passing notes, blowing each other kisses and whatnot.  I see you in my dreams puddy tat.  You are Tiffany and I am Pat from Silver Linings Playbook.  Explain your voodoo practices to me.  Are you rearranging your furniture to help our team win?
I am NOT chasing Niki anymore, I’m dreaming of us dancing tap at our wedding, miracle worker.

Today, I’ll practice “complimenting my wife..”

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