Pump, Pedal, Pump, Pedal, Pump, Pedal It Up!

Join the enthusiasm, kids!  This September we’re making moves!  We already have the 12th Annual IM ABLE Duathlon and 5k on our calendars.  That is on September 10.  TeamIBK will be participating in the Sprint Distance Duathlon.  This year I will be accompanied by Andrew G. and David M.  I will be responsible for the 6.5 mile bike ride section of the race.  I will be riding the recumbent bike the IM ABLE Foundation helped me get a few years back.  We will be doing our part to raise money to support the cause. 

By mid-August I’m hoping to sponsor and order my crew Lean Body Pack Nutrition Plans.  My family may join us in our lean muscle supplement plans.  If we can even be close to half-way through our diets, we’re going to be glowing and recording personal bests.

I encourage you to circle the dates and entire month on your calendar.

How to Maximize Your Results:

  1. Vitamin D3K2 Capsule –  Take 1 capsule with your first meal of the day
  2. Organic Coffee – Mix 1 scoop of powder in hot or cold water upon waking for that quick boost of energy, focus and motivation.
  3. Protein – Mid-morning – Mix 1 scoop of Plant Based Protein Powder in a smoothie or with water a mid-morning muscle feeder. This is great after a morning workout.
  4. LiveGood Essential Aminos – There is no wrong time to take these, and you can’t use too much. But definitely use at least once per day to assist with maintaining your lean muscle mass, helping with focus, energy, and even with your sleep cycle.  Essential Aminos are great for before a workout or as an afternoon refreshment.  Pro tip:  Try replacing your soda or sugary drink with LiveGood Essential Aminos!
  5. BioActive Complete Multi-Vitamin – take 2 capsules with lunch. We want to take them at least an hour separate from our Vitamin D3K2, and during the day is great as the B-vitamins may also help increase energy.
  6. Ultra Magnesium Complex – Take 2 capsules in the afternoon or before bed. Ryan’s Pro tip:  Split the dose and take 1 capsule in the afternoon to assist with managing the afternoon stress of the day and the other capsule before bed to assist with sleep

I will be ordering these products from www.LiveGood.com/KyleKeech1.  If that excites you at all, reach out!  Also, take a peek at the LiveGood Tour at LiveGoodTour.com/KyleKeech1 if better results, support and even finances excite you as much as much as they do me!  I’ll see you on the other side! 

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