Mind Over Matter, Slacker!

Know that the term slacker blankets all bad words and obscenities here. Fits of rage can get you in trouble or they can add to what you bring to the table. A stubborn mind can be a strength. For instance, me taking a careless fall last night added to the proactive mindset that I behold, is turning out to be a bit scary.
This morning:
I got my slippers on without a fuss.
I ordered a $150 futon mattress from Overstock.com for mom.
I drank a Spark, some coffee and took my Probiotics.
I’m working on this post right now.
I’m looking forward to kicking butt at today’s horse-driving therapy.
I texted my trainer and made clear that if the gym’s a go tonight, it’ll be BACK AND SHOULDERS.,, If not it’ll be 60 MINUTES OF WORK WITH THE CRUTCHES!

Come on! Bring the heat!!!

Shout out to my friend Josh for the Coaching gig at Lehigh!
(Details coming soon!)


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