Yeah, I guess I REGRET daring to “feel.”
I also muthafuckin* regret lining things up so you get paid for moves I make.

That’s out. I would move on and change my shirt if I didn’t think these damsels in distress loved thinking about me in a sweaty t!

Drops the mic. Little do they know my tactics and buffoonery are now getting recognized as prize-winning techniques.
Chats just last week led my counselor and I reaching out to researchers at The University of Penn. We should all be chatting this week. Don’t be surprised when I’m too honest please. Also expect my output/ recorded output to start being worked on more. Guest speakership under my belt will look mighty fine too! I think that is everything. Have a good week!

Done fluids, weekly post and most essentials by 6a Monday morning! I’m gettin’ mine! Bye!
I have therapy today, lifting at my house, therapy Wednesday and more lifting and growing to do this week!

TIP: Next time you feel girls vibing with your output and alike, make sure they know you are open to exploring anything she wants to, but as soon as you get a hint of undue citiques and heat, you have no problem denying everything. THANKS TOOTS!
#soundfamiliar #getreassured

What’s even better is we study “feelings” in my coursework for therapy. I am one of the most affectionate men I know. I get scared to death to show I love and care about people. People make me feel like I’ll go to jail either way. That’s heartbreaking. I’ve destroyed lives putting this fake ass defensive front on.

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