So Mitch….

So mitch..

Seems like you’re not seeing the remarkable strides I’m making like everybody with their eyes open does.  That’s fine.  You might want to dial your doctor if you can still use a phone.  😊  I don’t want to encourage you to use anything you are uncomfortable seeing.  #Gotcha, moving on!

Fine!!!    Here, lemme outline some facts, knock you all on your backs.  Ok?  Ma’am, I’m not sure how many paychecks, weeks or months you’ve been employed in the high paying position you’re in, but I’ve been nestled high here for a good 19+ years.  I’ve yet to witness proclaimed “tactics” to come back, work as well or as hard as me.   Don’t blame me when you don’t even read or review your own notes.  Try not being 100% warm or a 100% cold.
I may only have 8 or so years of documented writings by me to show ya but you’d be lost just trying to get through one sentence.  Apparently you can’t believe your eyes either.  I be doing LAPS/therapy AROUND YOU.  Uh huh..  I’m getting flowey, you’re getting doughy.
THIS DOES NOT MATTER.  “Move mitch, get out the way, get out the way…”  I’m like a lighter, I’m sparking all these wildfires, inviting criticisms, AND enjoying the laugh.  Go ahead dance for some rain, you can’t do it without some pain.  Like me but capitalize every letter.  I’m the fire man.
Your distaste is like a spark I’m stepping towards, clapping back at and Ima put you out! On your #ss dude.  Get on the same fricken page please.  Me crying alone will smuther ya.  I don’t have to worry about a thing.  NICE TRY!

Roxannnne!  You know how to..  Hardly doing your job makes me laugh, you’re robbing them blind aren’t you?  Downplaying truths in this world makes me grace upon you.  Don’t worry, He WILL SAVE both of us, including you.  Finding issues with my fact-less lifestyle of living shows your inability to believe in hard work, grit and all this s#it paying off.  Have fun spinning your wheels you ditch rider!
Gimme my lighter!


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