HEY Jake (from Statefarm,)


It was great to see you at the gym today!  I’m glad you are putting in the work.  Your mom is very nice.  Say hi again for me. 
Before I get carried away, make sure one or both of you are signed up on the mailing list, please.  I am totally looking forward to putting both of our asses on the chopping block.

My writing is a big part of how I stay focused and moving.  I hope you can start to incorporate “writing to recover” into your life too, soon.  I provide a step by step guide to putting your content on a blog, too.  That can wait for now.  Here.. “recovering” is about getting stronger.  Do not let words trip you up.  I tend to convey points and focus like a coach.  

Focus!  Let’s both sharpen each others’ spears.  I can be rough around the edges, let that go!  I want the best for you.
Let’s put a list together..
I intend to open your eyes to blogging, stepping up your physical output, broadening your social delivery, sponsorships potentially, and increasing family security, aka bringing in a legitimate source of income.

I hope you lend an ear to a bunch of what I share!  Repetition, homie!  I hope us working together opens doors for you!  I’ll work to keep future posts to you on this thread, in accompanying pages!  KEEP PUSHING!

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