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Thanks for room to expand on all the ways I can be someone special’s truest love!
I’m sharpening, harnessing the effects of this blade.  I’m looking at us side by side right now and I missing my pIC, partner IN CRIME.

Of recent, I’ve overheard chatter about my letters being admired by the boss’s boss.  I’d be lost too if I couldn’t locate me, stay with me.  Don’t feel the need to roam or run.  Just come on home, get pampered, wipe away these tears of piled up anxieties, look at me and say you want to see my palm in yours, cradled like a baby. 


Know that you can have it all just staying within reach.  I’ve been working on regulating my outpouring of emotions, confidence and tendency to color, and stay within the lines. 

I’d pant and nearly have a heart attack running around chasing you.  Thanks for meeting me in the middle!   Xoxoxo.

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