“I’m allowed to feel too, right!?”


I want to “flash” you and delete any negative or pessimistic instances that may have occurred between us in the past from your working memory. I want a fresh slate. I’m hoping you might be able to or actually do jump into action explaining to me how our potential CAN grow and develop further from this point. I’m always going to be here for you. Do what feels good. Do not hamper the future by feeling you need to tiptoe around my misguided thoughts or misunderstandings at all. Fall flat on your face over-extending your reach. I’ll pick you up. I want you to feel insulated, like you couldn’t mess up enough to ever lose me. That’s how I want you to feel, especially when talking to, writing to, or thinking about me.

Moving past feeling like I need to draw you a map to my heart feels like progress to me. I look forward to feeling safe smiling at my phone looking at the photo album full of saved pics of you. Cropping and dissecting those images and pasting our faces close to each other causes my heart to race. I’ll get there. Rest easy “baby.” State our love is mutually felt. Erase the fear of assuming for me. Outline who you want filling that groom’s suit waiting at the end of the aisle. Tell ME, “it’s you.”

Let me be Blue from Blue’s clues. Rather, let’s just snuggle on that big red couch. Send me video clips of yourself saying I love you. Please. Until next time, boys and girls, let’s cut the apprehension. Let’s stand firm. Let’s not even seek attention. Let’s just consider every moment spent together a blessing and fess up eventually. Sure, we know that assurance is like hitting x twice fast for a double boost.

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