Dirty Blonde,

DB, today you are the softer, prefab bark encasing the log flume I am riding through life. I did my best to ingest some cold medicine this morning. Excuse me if I yak, leaning over your side. That process could have gone smoother. I enjoy this ride on your back. We handle curves in the concrete maze we find ourselves in, surprisingly well. Finally, we are one!

Today, humor my Herculean lifts louder so I can hear you. Guessing suppresses my heart rate. I do not enjoy slow heart rates and apathetic demeanors. I cherish smiles and attitudes that match mine when I’m at my best. I will shower shortly to wash cut grass clippings from my feet. Stay on standby and resist leaving the “conversation we are currently in” to bolster my confidence please.

I am unfamiliar with common reactions to splashing and protocol on wild rides. Do I wave my arms? Scream and shout? Do I bunker down and crouch? Do I wait my turn or be the boss of the situation? Should I sit in the front or the back for better drenching? My legs are cold. I’m wearing a yellow hoodie by choice but it’s soaking wet.

On Poetizer!

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