Hahahaha, what did I tell you..  Focusing on FITNESS AND FINANCIALS first would suit us remarkably well.  Today I further advanced certain transitions, while riding shotgun to and from therapy.  I threw my deuces up when I rolled out.  REALIGNED and REFOCUSED!  My legs are finally starting to lean into the tirade, check!

So, “Sam,” keep smashing that anvil!  I see “spotlessness” being an adjective I feel safe assigning to thou art!  You ARE smart.  You, taking no crap makes toddlers barf.  It’s a start.  I’m certainly planning to steal the moniker and give it to my other favorite to ease that tension.  LOVE for the game is not a mis-aim.  It’s just a shame the lame can hardly even see us tame wild feelings and emotions into physical physique, muscle development and the smallest printing on the cheek.  We speak in parables because while seeking the house of the Lord we teach   We MUST creep, deny each other and lie.  I’m perfectly fine with no one thinking a thing about what we mean to each other.  Business before pleasure even feels remarkable.  Storks flying, carrying whiney babies can turn around for now. 

It feels good to stay in line.  Warm up the catcher’s mit while I spit on the mound you’d pitch from.  Soon, we’ll dine with each other.  We’ll be like this is similar to mission impossible.  Put your feet on my shoulders, walk tall.  We’re about to ball hard, lift things up and gently place them down a bit differently.  We will use dry powder to insulate any fractions of fears we have until they pass.  How does that sound?

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