Hey! WE probably don’t even know each other yet. Don’t worry about that. A few things that’ll help me feel comfortable enough to show you the real me..

Don’t be a secret. I am already watching each breath I take trying not to topple the deck of cards in front of me. Go ahead and thank a few of your foremothers for instilling certain hesitations in me and the other Prince Charmings out there. Blame that on them. Not us.

Read (all) my writing, my outreach and efforts to communicate. I’m doing my best to build trust between us. Refusing to communicate leads to no trust.
End of story.
(Help me help you help me)
I’m often called out for being too honest. Let me know you are interested. I consider that respect.
I am learning to Trust God, Hope for and not expect. I’d love some support there. Simply holding my hand will show me your interest. Blowing an innocent kiss, winking, some sign of life will assure me I’m not alone.

IF we have already met and you’re not here in my everyday life yet, I want you to be. Come around. Show your face. Let me know I’m not crazy for dreaming of what could be.

This post is part of my process. Not hiding my heart is adding to my openness and receptivity.

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