Hi.  I’m just checking in.  It is Sunday evening.  I just walked my last set of 4 HBRW LAPS for my first week.  I hit a total of 24 yesterday so week one consisted of 28 LAPS in full, 840 biceps curls and 840 shoulder presses with the pink dumbbells.
28(30 curls) = 840   28(30 presses) = 840

I spent the weekend in the city.  I’m happy to be home though.  The whole way home I was drafting this here note to you.  I’m planning to feature that pic of you in the yellow dress we discussed before.  Thanks again for letting me scribble outside the lines with you in mind.  A majority of the discussion I had with myself in the car was me psyching myself up and equating “loving somebody” to simply caring immensely.  I think I can handle breathing through verbally acknowledging I do care for you immensely. 

Avoid that rut, Kyle!  Many aspects of my life right now are just that, avoiding the rut.  Maybe “self-preservation” is a more exact wording.  (lol, I’m just greasing the wheel while I can!)  This upcoming week is part B of my newer AB schedule.  That means 5-6 days of focused gym work.  Leg Day, Back and Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps and Treadmill Training.  I may spread them out to last the required days but that’s my agenda.

Desired results, noted.  Stay the path, chump.  Don’t get distracted, stay in your lane!  Half -nodding off, I kept teasing myself thinking “Hmmm. I wonder how I would have responded being encouraged to get on one knee.  Hehehe!  Who knows, “I’m a boss either way!”  Keep it moving!

– KyleKeech

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