Gym in less than 30!  (Initial Draft)

Caity, I’m already planning on writing you some loving poetry and prose this morning.  That will have to wait until after the gym of course. 
I dipped my toes in the water this morning too.

60+ minutes later…  (Final)
Chuckles, Caityy, b, don’t sweat these piranhas!  One drop of blood..  They’re all glued to the glass.  I’m glad you’re ok with groupies swarming and schooling behind me.  I reserved certain expressions for you because you  avoided hemming and hawing.  You advocated for yourself.  You indicated the future you saw being with me would be premier. 
Today at the gym, I hit LEGS!  3 machines started with leg presses!  I trudged through 4 sets of 10 reps at 70 pounds!  My 3 or 4 sets of cool down were set at 20 pounds.  I almost didn’t make it over to the extensions,  but 4 sets at 25 pounds got done there.  Hamstrings were tough.  F#*k that!
I moved on.  I’m home and finishing up this post right now.  1 minute until 10am Monday and ready to retard my eyes.  I’ll be asleep in less than 20, bet!

I’m choosing not to fret chowder heads warning me of consequences for being myself.  I’m a diamond in the rough.  It looks like I might need to revert back to proven tactics.  Before I flush my veins with blood, let me announce that I’m the sweetest, mostly innocent, most-dedicated, bachelor/ hustler anyone could even write into a timeline.  These fakes’ relevance keeps halfing itself.  I’m in my lane again.  I spent weeks it felt like in the gutter this month.  Letting that go has been the best decision I’ve made in months.

“You” should feel prioritized.  Thanks for the longer leash.  I’m doing the best I ever have at the gym.  Last week, my legs were aching, but I pushed through that pain today.  The Lord rose yesterday.  I’m on the scene this morning.  Find me, packed heat!  I need that comfort.  I need a seat!  I feel like a slab of cut beef because I’m cut where it counts.  I’m streaming.  I’m cheesing.  I have you to fall back on, into loving arms.  I feel smart.

When you see me tease these green eyed mistresses, don’t sweat it.  I’m taking advantage of the energy sharing to bolster my moves.  You.  Are. Getting.  All.  Of.  That.  Affection!
Go ahead, brag.  Tag me in cute, rosey pics.  Shut sh!t down and claim me.  Print that pic of me flexing out on your 3d printer, shove it in your wallet and make me feel valuable, kitten. 
Get back to the front of the line.  I want “you” swimming in my love, effort, sweat and best attempts from now until forever.  Reassuring me, will be “your golden ticket.”  Look up the terms of that agreement in my search bar!

I’m glad I don’t feel that bad reciprocating.  Only communicating with lugnuts who communicate with me makes sense.  Only dogs chase balls.  I’m cawing like a rooster in my booster seat.  Ya, we’ll call it a truce.  Why anyone wanting to be present in my life would resist texting me first, is ludacris. 
I’ma keep pushing and keep posting.  Does that make sense!?  I hope so!  I’m looking forward to mincing any and all opposers!  I hope I know how to get ahold of you when you feel open to hugging me.  Let me know when that is too btw, I don’t want all my honest effort to go to waste.  Thanks!

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  • How did your dad make out yesterday at the equestrian place

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