Progress Is A Set of Processes

This first image includes the usual flattery, to get my blood pumping, my stats from my session at the gym this morning, a bunch of repressed energy and affection for mankind a bit.

Morning Routine:  check!
Gym Hustle:  check!
Currently Writing To Recover:  check!
Streaming And Touching Lives:  check!
Post-Lift Protein:  check!
Home And Settled By 9:30a:  check!

First Nap of The Day:  coming shortly.
GET OUT OF HERE!  Sign your friends up on that mailing list people!

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  • Oh my God Kyle where do you come up with this stuff you’re amazing I told you before you should write a book I really mean I don’t know what you’re saying but I just love what I’m reading, what I am reading is amazing

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