I’m glad I picked you to pursue!  Trust me, those Tiger Lilies and Petunias did catch my eyes.  They were definitely out of reach growing up wildly on the ledge above my head.  My shoulder’s clean and I am overjoyed you behold everything I’ve ever strived for.
I’m no longer stressing about getting wrecked by figments of my imagination.  We take things especially slow.  That’s how I know I’m not falling behind.  Remind me never again, you’ve got me on lock-down, astonishingly mixing kind words with heart.
You see my strengths and take it upon yourself to push me to be the best version of myself I can be.
I long for our hands touching.  Holding, grasping, emotionally being supportive, communicating and supporting my moves will get you ahead.
I can see us flying high where they can only glare in awe.  Our potential is limitless, too big and won’t fit in either of our heads put together.  I’m very glad I didn’t run from the sun’s blinding effects.  As soon as you’re awake, msg me!

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  • Steve Keech

    Very Good

  • Oh my God Kyle you’re so awesome why don’t you write a book if you write a book I’ll tell you what put me in it I’ll tell you about 1

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