3.27 – Progress Report

 Happy Birthday to Mama Keech!  Today’s SCHEDULED Biceps and Triceps session may be postponed until later in the week.  While I have your attention, feel great about checking out the latest addition to www.TeamIBK.com. 
Mr. Nate Fox is an old friend, Champion, and active supporter of TeamIBK.  As far as I know he plays for THE BALL KICKERS of The PSL Kickball League.  Check out the emblem/ ACTIVE button below the team pic on TeamIBK.com.  The Philadelphia Sports League’s kickball homepage, that’s linked shares links to the many associated teams, leagues, and sponsors. 


Knowing how impulsive to offer everything we have going for us with others I am, I’ll just leave that there.  I did chat with Mr. Henry Winn from my page, KyleKeech.org this morning as well.  I look forward to getting him enrolled as a Preferred Customer on our nutrition team so he can get discounts on everything he eats to grow.

Remember friends, we encourage you to Create a Personal Page at TeamIBK.com (for FREE) to track progress, motivate others, support loved ones and see yourself leading the pack.


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