Go ahead, keep snoozing!

  My ride to the gym should be here any moment.  Biceps and Triceps, Lat Pulldowns, Chest Press, Front Press, Bicep Curls and Tricep Extensions sounds mighty fine to me! 
4 sets of 20 reps on each machine is the new standard.  Ethereum (ETH) was up 25+% early in the day yesterday after its sell off last week.  You would be smiling if you had placed a grand in ETH the night before.  Let it bounce, Kyle!  Prices did dip below $1000 Saturday I believe.  I WAS watching with cash in hand, ready to execute.
Don’t chase small wins in this investing world, you’ll be paying your dues in fees.  I read an article just this morning explaining how ETH could still easily hit 100 grand + in 2022.  Wait til prices drop, pick up two WHOLE ETH while you can.  I’m hoping for a $300 price point to get me in the buying mood.  Then, I’ll bring out the big guns.  If you bought 2 entire ETH coins for $300 each, held them then sold each for 100 grand each, you’d be making the “highly educated” fud-rakers look like clowns.  Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt overcome and get the best of weaklings.  Don’t be weak.  Be strong!  Diamond hands, baby!
STACK CASH while you can!  It’s as easy as that!  Recall the ABLE accounts I’ve outlined in recent posts.  Don’t sweat the feds raiding your home!  LIBERATE YOURSELF!

Comment below to be reinstructed on any and all steps included!  I’ll put you in touch with my people.  Make moves!

hard cash on a briefcase
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