Go ahead, keep snoozing!


Don’t Blame Anyone But Yourself, Bro!

I gave you the kind of results you’ve always wanted to see!  You refusing to follow a simple, laid out, step by step plan is on you!  Accept where you’re at!  Sit down!

Don’t get offended, victimhood sucks donut!?  F#ck shit!  Align yourself Godly, follow the spoonfed success systems!  Brush off haters!  I’m sorry ma!  Your kinfolk still have a spot reserved in my heart.  Know that berating me on the telephone got your whole bloodline in trouble! 

(I’m talking to you, NANCY!)

I’m too busy being erected.  Stand me up again, please!  These knees stay bent.  Hands in prayer position 24/7, listen up..
My newer gem got me looking forward to life again!  I crossed most off of my list.  Check that out!  I’m allowed to be myself!  Aren’t I?  

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