Today’s Speck of Reality, 06/16

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That’s right I’m feeling pretty darn good today!  It’s early Tuesday, I mean Wednesday, I mean Saturday, I mean Thursday morning!  Morning Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), hygiene, hardy breakfast of toast, cherry applesauce and Greek yogurt, getting dressed and logged into my computer to write, check!

I have therapy at 1:00 today.  That routine at the gym will include some Biceps, Triceps, Back and shoulders.  I am wearing my throwback Inspired By Kyle t shirt today.  I look and feel amazing right now.  I got a slick haircut that is adding to my aesthetic appeal.
Here, it’s 8:15am and I’m logged in LIVESTREAMING on kik.  Find me there as Kylekeech.  There are currently 4 viewers in my room watching me bring home the bacon.  5, 5 viewers now!  Good morning Ann!  Good morning Michael!  Good morning Karel, Model T and Jonas!  ICE is here everybody!  Put your hands together!  Let’s give these early risers a warm round of applause!

The rap made me do it!  Psssch, gtfoh.  Take responsibility for your own levels of success and dumb@ss mistakes, chief!  Go ahead, forge your own dumb@ss path today!  Good luck!  (Me, reflecting on the dim light bulbs in the WH today!)  10 of you nutjobs are watching mwa.  I’ll stand up boldly!  I will not peak, ever.  It’s always climbing the incline!
My dog is lounging while I write.  Tell all the junkyard robbers my guard is down!

10 viewers, still?  Geez, let me write and express myself even louder.  Punching these keys like Maverick warming up for a 4 cornered fight.  Sweat less when assets don’t equal cash flow, you’re in silo mode, right!?  That’s tight!  Chug a sprite in less than 60 ticks on the clock, if you can, friend.  Y’all need to be tougher. 

Bruv, your profile including pics of you wearing eyeshadow are telling.  F#ck all you Q, B, S, T, D’s!  Get on my level!  Keep your pride to your own selves.  Move in silence, please.  I can’t even speak for myself without needing to steer into a tree causing pileup, unwarranted tears and letters of dismissal.  F#ck all y’all!

I’ll gladly talk to walls if it means “Arianna,” the latest newcomer will hit the heart button over, and over and over again.  Pac, Dre, Mini Me lacing up cleats trying to look like my to-do list, getting checks just because!  That’s what I’m talking about!  4k hearts, 52 thousand diamonds an hour, yea I’m smiling!

Controlled saves ought to feel like a taser.  Centers hike the ball into my hands, substitute or not.  My lips are sealed tight, I still promote love IN SILENCE.  If I stop talking to ya, please make sure I know which rock to find you under, honeybun!  Keep pushing!  Let God guide you too, I’ll follow!  Stay in your lane unless you are adding to my presence. 

Trust me, G!  Violence is not cool but I’ll kill your soul by looking away.  I need an open lane to do me best.  No worries, no concerns, no financial stipulations, could ever stop me with God following through.  I got Faith like Bizkit.  My Escalade is parked up in my 3 garage.  I’ll soon be investing in more storage as the girls wave and flash the lights, locking it up with their keyfob.

Avoid frowning, see 6 k diamonds, 80 thousand hearts, flowing.  Brush yo’ shoulders!  Thugs get lonely too!  At Least when I make up the connections they laugh off, I’m not spreading man-made plagues.  I don’t mind freaks waving but give me space and be mindful of 6 foot social distancing guidelines.  I’ll gladly favorite these people.  Stay inside my phone!

I’m simply quadrupling my reach by actively trying to teach friends how to stay under the radar, fly by effortlessly and hide the loot.  Go ahead, fire advocates, mentors, babysitters not showing up on time and respect your own success doing things single-handedly.  Be rough around the edges.    My viewer count now times a thousand ALMOST equals my stock balance,  Shii dawg!  Flex hard, avoid sobbing publicly, roll cheddah, don’t be afraid to stutter after professing how you felt the first day, on the first day. 

Embrace the cage, be ok embracing the thug in ya too.  Begging for change then never hearing from ya is more than expected.  Don’t worry about that or your tendency to over-express yourself.  Get it out.  Outline how much you would have loved to love, undamned. 

MOB, ma’am.  Tell me baby, are ya lonely!?  The s3x scenes made up in my head relieve me of urges no one even tries to handle innocently in their own lives.  That’s how I get by some days.  That might be it for now, Chowda’ heads!  I’ll KP, will you!?

I’m no longer waking up, dwelling or looking for people to blame.  I can’t help it if they are lame and refuse to carry the one.  I’ve BEEN giving my whole heart. 
I work to shed weight daily while adding plates to my last PR, i feel like the star of David shining brightly from the North.  My cognition, heart, courage and smarts added together equal a sword nobody ought to fight with.  I mean they will but they’re all digging their own graves pretty deep.

– Kylekeech

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