“Starry Night,”

May I refer to you as “mama?”  May I seek your hand in holy matrimony?  May I build my life up around you?  Will you stick around?  See me through my hesitations.  Please.
Assure me I’m safe.  Unleash the caged animal inside of me.  I’m quite frankly a beast.  Tell me you haven’t seen me drooling…  In the past, I pushed goodness away and refused to see my flaws.  I thought flexibility would be seen as weakness.  I long for deep conversations discussing insecurities.  I want to hear reciprocal hopes, not just mine.  Is there any potential between us?  Change your name all you want.  I’ll remain Stephen K.  I’d love to place my last name behind a hyphen besides yours.

I’ll just stay in silo mode growing until you point to a diagram exposing ways it could work.  I’d love to see you smirk, get a text or hear that your heart hurts not seeing me in person, too. 

I got a new device to make calls with.  I have like 4 contacts that I hardly even want to acknowledge.  Please send a text to my number with your name in the first line so I can feel safe opening the conversation.  I have patience.  I avoid confusion to the point I suffer minimized ambition.  Walking down a dark hallway makes no sense knowing one wrong step will get me more disrespect.



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