Brainstorming Campaign Fundraisers 01 (BETA)

Moving forward, backing aspiring athletes, as well as recovering tbi and neurological patients is something I’d love to give my everything to.  Charitable giving, sponsoring, portions and percentages of future book sales all going into similar efforts sounds smart. 

I will be chatting with fellow creators and award-winning authors to get their take but to start, I’d like to make the initial offering of 40% of all book sales, printing and shipping copies of my book produces to the IM ABLE foundation as an example campaign.

I’d like to hear what supporters think of such “brainstorming.”  Comment below!

If things went my way, giving a % of book sales would add up, giving a % of nutrition sales would add up, sponsoring athletes personally would go far, spreading the word and networking would make a substantial difference…

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