The LB Plan

LISTEN BRO, getting what you want is as easy as aligning your wants with His will.  That’s a fact.  I’m there.  Having certain, strategic wants beyond that foundation seems appropriate to me.  Prioritize!!

Spread the word about His enduring love, write down a checklist, follow through and come back stronger than ever.  Make it a simple ABC styled checklist.  Do it in a hurry, while you still have time!  That sounds reasonable to me!

Subtly hinting to the majesty that is Him is all it takes.  Some days all I do is consciously acknowledge His mercy.  Encouraging friends and family to trust and remember Him will put you that much ahead.  Line up those dominoes!!!!  I pray for your success too.

This morning, week, and month, I’ve kept my eyes dialed in and on point.  It’s about to be a blockbuster in my life, I swear.  Secondly, my body being on the chopping block continuously makes me smile constantly.  Click on the two graphics below.  Look into the next two investments I’m leaning towards.

We are currently comparing prices, packages and set ups.  These are all ingredients for success!  I know I tend to get ahead of myself.  I’m glad I reached out to my sister.  She is reviewing options with me and providing guidance too.

Setting up a squat rack in my carport during summer months at least has been an itch I’ve been dying to scratch for a long time!  Picture that.  “Kyle,” outside, in a torn tee, rehydrating, listening to 90’s r&b, doing sets of 15 squats at a time..”  Can you feel that heat!?  I can!!!  I’m nearly tearing up right now!  FULL CIRCLE, with God included!  WHATTT!?  Let’s go!

Now, check back for added ways to donate and make this a team effort!
Comment below to explore and hear about corporate sponsorships, tax incentives and directly benefiting from this hustle!  Thanks!

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