Dear Grace,

I’m still looking for you to touch that one part of my life, I’ve yet to conquer.  HE is able.  Therefore, I am able.  I shall not fear.
My muscle-maness is a cloak of confidence. 

Directing affection towards those I stay craving is error-free in spite of the Emperor’s wrath.  I haveth the strength of 10 men in my sleep.  My ark resembles a warm home full of Joy and heart..  Love is present. 

Threatening environments sail this calm sea of grave Harmony like the blade of a razor.  I anticipate the growls and sneers.  Split my skin, pound my head, bludgeon me to death.
Make me stronger, go ahead.  My faith is stronger than any and all Coliseum-sized bloodbaths.  I am never alone.  I trust Him. 


This week, I will avoid latching onto fear.  I will anticipate baths of love and clarity.  Grapes from a beautiful headdress shall be cherished and full.  I will persist.


I will use my words wisely.  They are an asset.  The correct combination plugged into the right lock shall see it open up.  I will wait in anticipation until that day breaks my horizons. 
Thank you for that Hope, God!  I love you.

– KyleKeech

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