Graceful Soul,

I have been using blessings bestowed upon me to help cultivate fields full of good intentions and shareable love for as long as I can vividly remember.  I have detailed and documented most of those efforts for good housekeeping.


God’s Timing is all I need to wait on and anticipate.  The “work” put in does not lead to intended results.  “My plans” may resemble how I naively would like to see things go.  I can’t even imagine the goodness of God’s love.  I’m learning to forgive my impatience and frustrated moments affecting my life.


Pointing my intentions to bring smiles and positive vibes, as much as I can ought to be the plan/ my plan moving forward.  Things may go slow   That is fine.  I may steer my vessel from the path, often.  I need to remember His Will be done.   “Take the wheel, JC!”  Remind me to appreciate patience, inhale and embrace things that scare me.


I tend to push too hard.  I definitely give worldly things too much of my focus.  I am cognizant of my weaknesses.  I pray and share these timid corners of myself with Him.  He is my comforter.  Trust needs to be my go-to!  

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  • Steve Keech

    excellent post, bravo! Especially meaningful during lent.

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