Day II.

I wrote you in the dark this morning. It felt good!

I’m wearing those new slippers I told you about the other day. It’s quarter of 7 right now and I’m sipping on a fresh coffee.

I have that group support meeting I go to today. I really like having my computer already set-up on my rollie-table close to my bed so I can publish more original drafts on my site or at least start compiling the day’s output.

Yesterday’s “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” post had me smiling. I felt safe expressing myself, I felt secure belting out some puffery. I did not shriek in fear.

I’m NOT looking for a fight (TODAY!)

Keep your head down! Prioritize your energy! Love everybody, but love yourself enough to carry your head high. Brush off those exhaust pipes infringing with your outpouring of generosity, love, empathy and compassion. Wear your heart on your sleeve bro.

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  • Dolores

    This is great Kyle by the way who was Marsha and what she wrote you was really encouraging she’s a smart woman anyway that’s great anyway I read what you wrote and you’re laying by your bed doing this in the dark oh my God you are somebody somebody so special I love you

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