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Alas, clear signals.  I can see you trending.  I enjoy reading these lines!  “I can see clearly now the rain is gone..”

Witchy woman, cast your spells on me boldly.  Tell me not to worry.  Please!  Assure me, falling back will incentivise you to catch me. 
I’ve never had that.  I’ve always been the one carrying this cross.  Until recently, I’ve been holding back the influx of emotions, spite, TLC and might, unsure of how I’d be misperceived. 

I’m not great at thinking on my feet.  Rearrange the wording of your question if I ever blow you off afraid my world would end if I was as honest as I could be.  Put you back in my bag, pull you out at random.  Too much repressed emotion to hold steady blasting guns.  My horn hates lying.  Ask me if I’m nervous once!  Get an answer you can work with.  I love adjusting to meet expectations.  I am an overachiever if there ever was one.

You might see me bobbing my head to the beats within.  Transcribe my hearts mush.  Bet!

Tell me, are my welling eyes welcomed?  Am I allowed to cry while waving goodbye?  I hope I can find the strength in me to mutter that I miss the way the sun peeking through my window dries my eyes.


I want to practice putting the right words in the right order, shielded.  I want to shower again, mask that stench with aftershave slapped on my face and pinch a loaf in peace.  I want to live in peace with you in the kitchen.  I want to hercules through opposition like a wake in a lake, currents surfed through.  Break horizons with a shadow of me leaning back.  Tell me to fall back!  I want to track the progress so anyone, even those looking down at me thinking they’re high look low.  “Give me the head nods, Keech” is exactly what she should be saying loud enough I can hear.

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