Josh!  Welcome!


Bro, hold on tight!  I’m really glad we chatted this Saturday morning!  I’m resting today, it’s snowy outside.
I am relieved and excited for you, deciding to put your health and physical shape and performance first!
Let’s avoid dwelling over things we cannot change.  Let’s put your progress, and formulating your personal next move first!  Cherish your blank slate, brother.  When I’m done with you, you MIGHT be crawling out of the gym.

Hit LEGS, CHEST and BACK AND SHOULDERS this week!  That’s 3 separate days.  180 minutes in the gym this week, can you handle it?


I will get to sending you your personal session routines here shortly.  Before I forget, remind me to update you on everything else we will cover moving forward, too.  Writing is a big part of how we move forward here.  That, mindfulness, investing, gains, protein, structure, form, self-advocacy and sharing and spreading love.You can consider this post a teaser.

Keep Pushing, Homie!  We getting this ‘ish done!
Talk soon!  Encourage all your friends and family to sign up on that mailing list for me!  Thanks!  Next stop, financial freedom, hulk-like muscular development and poetry, boiii!

35 years alive
5 feet 7 inches tall
220 lb.

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