Dearest Warm Fleece,

Why can’t I keep you out year-round?
I love how I feel in your “loving” embrace.
We look warm, fashioning each other.
Creating sock bunnies together, might be a fun activity.
Apple cider, warm blankets, haunted hayrides, you remind me of chilly weather.
You color my retinas a nice shade of green.

I’d love to encounter the surplus of comfort I do when I see you, neatly hanging on my door more often.  Is that ok!?  Am I allowed to express my affection and longing for softness to you if I keep it quiet?  The tightness I cherish helps me feel optimistic about life, and smile.

I promise, every torn thread and every unlatched hem will be noted.  I love to imagine you smiling when you hear me open that closet door.  I want your heat all over me!  I do!  I am learning to breathe through injustice and indoctrination warning me that following my heart will result in a locked up reality.


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